Adopt A Giraffe

The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an African even-toed ungulate mammal and it is the tallest of all the land living animal species. The Rothschild giraffe is currently the second most endangered giraffe subspecies with only a few hundred members remaining.

You can adopt a giraffe for just £19.99 and you will receive a wonderful giraffe adoption pack containing these items.Giraffe Adoption

Giraffe adoption pack details

When you adopt a giraffe you will be helping the Aspinall Foundation to protect this critically endangered species and their habitats. You will also receive an adoption pack that includes:

  • A gorgeous cuddly soft toy of your adopted giraffe
  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A fun fact sheet
  • A world map
  • A car sticker
  • A FREE entry to Howletts or Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks – so you can come and visit your giraffe!



Threats and challenges to the giraffe species

The giraffe does not have any natural predators due to the large size of the animal, but there are several manmade threats to giraffes as a species.

There is a problem with the illegal hunting of giraffes for their distinctive coat, tails and for meat. Although the giraffe species as a whole is not classed as in danger of extinction, the Rothschild giraffe is critically endangered with only a hundred or so of the species still alive. Apart from in captivity, the few places where Rothschild giraffes can be observed in the wild are Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya and Murchison Falls National Park in Northern Uganda. However, the natural habitat of the giraffe is becoming increasingly fragmented and in some cases it has been destroyed completely with devastating consequences.

In terms of the whole African giraffe population, numbers have been estimated to range from 110,000 to 150,000. However, due to the extremely low number of remaining Rothschild giraffes (approximately 100) there is a large risk of hybridisation so there are a number of schemes which have been setup in order to expand the genetic gene pool of the Rothschild giraffes. If these programs fail, there is a real risk that the species will become extinct.

About giraffes

Giraffe Adoption

You will be adopting the Rothschild giraffes, Cillian and Settanta who were born in 2003 at the Fota Wildlife Park near Cork in Ireland, but have since been relocated to Port Lympne wild Animal Park in the UK where they are free to roam in a 200 acre paddock.

Giraffes are the tallest land living mammal; male adult giraffes grow up to 18 ff tall at the horn tips, and weigh between 800 and 1,930 kg’s. Females are not quite as tall at between 13 and 15 ft tall and weigh between 550 and 1,180 kg’s. Unusually, although giraffes have such long necks, they still retain the same number of vertebrae in their neck that most other mammals have, this being a total of seven.

The distinctive coat of each giraffe is made up of brown blotches or patches which are separated by lighter hair and each giraffe has a unique coat pattern in the same way that a human has a unique fingerprint.

Where will my giraffe adoption donation money go?

The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in the UK to protect rare and endangered animals, and return them to protected areas in the wild. It is a sad fact that humans are likely to cause the extinction of a quarter of all known species in the next 20 years, unless we work together to protect them now.

Animal adoptions make wonderful ethical gifts so why not treat a friend or family member to one of the fantastic giraffe adoption packs and be safe in the knowledge that you have contributed towards helping the giraffe species to survive.